Peel season has arrived, but what does that mean for you and your skin?

It’s time to start the reversal of sun damage. If you live in Santa Cruz or Aptos, you understand how the weather affects us here.

Summer is long gone which means say hello to “Peel Season”! Most people’s skin has taken a lot of abuse over the summer going on nice vacations, playing in the pool or ocean and being out and about. Your skin may have a healthy looking tan, but deep down, your skin is dehydrated, pigmented and yelling for help. UV rays have broken down collagen and weakened the skin’s elastin.

So now what? Now it is time to do right by your skin by bringing it back to healthy. Everything may look better with a nice tan, however, in my own personal opinion, there is nothing more beautiful than healthy, glowing, hydrated, smooth and radiant-looking skin—Skin that does not require any make up because there is nothing to cover-up. Make up should always be optional and not a requirement.

Skin peels allow you to have glowing and healthy-looking skin that will not leave you reaching for foundation every morning. Skincare professionals recommend having a chemical peel annually to contribute to great skin and fall and winter is the best time for you to choose!

Like the changing weather, our skin also goes through different “seasons.” Because of this, we must periodically adjust both the products we use, as well as, skincare treatments to meet our skin’s changing needs.

Right now, we are in the best time of year to do more impactful treatments to repair damage caused during the summer months. In fall and winter, the UVA/UVB rays are weaker and this allows your skin the time it needs to adequately recover after a peel. Doing these treatments in the cooler months also means that there is less chance of inflammation and/or having a poor reaction from the peel treatment.

One of the most popular options out there known for providing noticeable results is the Chemical Peel.  Believe it or not, the known benefits of this type of treatment goes all the way back to the days of Cleopatra!  Since Roman and Egyptian times, women have taken milk bathes because the lactic acid in milk softens the skin and provides mild exfoliation.

I realize that the thought of doing a chemical peel may sound intimidating to some people, but trust me, once you experience the incredible results, you will become a believer too!  The benefits from a peel are amazing and tackle most of the most common skin irregularities and conditions.  No matter what your skin concern is, a peel will most likely minimize your irregularity and possible completely correct it.  Below shows the multitude of corrections and improvements that are possible with a peel series.

skin peels in Aptos

I do not believe in one peel fits all! Everyone’s skin is unique and requires a customized regimen that addresses all of their issues simultaneously.  Having a wide range of peels available from PCA SKIN allows me to customize my client’s treatment plan and focus on their specific skin condition or conditions. Peels have come such a long way, and due to breakthroughs in science, we have found out that they do not require such an aggressive approach anymore in order to work effectively and get the job done.

Gone are the days of hiding for 10 to 14 days until your new skin is renewed!  Peels performed at Saving Face Skin Solutions with PCA SKIN peels are progressive, not aggressive.  Most of us are too busy for downtime, and for busy clients, PCA SKIN peels are perfect. PCA SKIN peels are designed to be very effective yet gentle with little to no downtime. Most of the time flaking (if any) will start 48-72 later and last just a few days, and within a week, your skin will be beautiful and radiant. Additional moisturizing usually takes care of the flaking appearance.

Our profession treatments focus on penetrating the stratum corneum, (the outer layer of the skin), to nourish the underlying epidermis and dermis, as opposed to simply stripping away the surface.  This progressive approach leads to dramatic results without unnecessary and unwanted trauma or downtime.

I love the fact that with PCA SKIN peels, there are options providing little to no downtime. I also have the ability to safely and predictably exfoliate skin on a deeper level, if requested.

A series of six treatments spaced four weeks apart will give you optimal results. The peels also come with savings when purchased as a package. Skin that does not show many issues also benefits from a peel because a peel can assist in promoting collagen production and cell turnover. I do not think we can ever get enough of the #1 building block in skin care, which is collagen!  After a series, it is wonderful to maintain your beautiful skin with effective at-home products and an occasional peel for a pick-me-up!

So here is to a fantastic and successful Peel Season with Saving Face Skin Solutions and to achieving the most beautiful, healthy, glowing and radiant skin ever!

Check out our Corrective Peel page and our Treatment page for more information.


Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.

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